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What’s the Trend in Farm to Table Food

If you noticed, new sets of foods, ingredients or flavor are being brought into the limelight every few years. And it is undeniable that at present, in order for foods to attract everybody’s attention, they have to pass the social media standards. That said, they have to be awesomely likeable and shareable in social media. But things are not so with farm to table food. It has come to be a known and accepted cooking, eating, dining and living style. But what’s the possible future for farm to table food? Check out its latests below.

What’s the Trend in Farm to Table Food

1. Oxtail and the Organ Meats

According to social media-based reports, searches for oxtail foods and recipes have improved to double in the year 2019. Somehow this has a good reason behind it. Plenty of Americans today are attempting to follow back the track to their food sources and checking out further the animals that have been the major source of foods for all. There are butchering classes being opened here and there to make sure meat preparation and cooking surmount to the standards. There are also food organizations that are discovering the nutritional value of oxtail and organ meats.

2. Fermented Ingredients

It has been seen that most food consumers are inclined to fermented foods and drinks like kefir, kombucha, pickles and miso. They are palatable and that perhaps is one of the reasons why. Whether you join them with other recipes or you take them solely, they are remarkably a friend to the taste buds. In addition to that, these foods are rich in probiotics making them commendable for those concerned about their digestive system. Fermentation, as a food process, allows the conversion of the then waste ingredients into something really valuable.

3. Ancient Grains on the Table

Maybe you know or you don’t know of people who prefer to eat a diet free from wheat. And it is more likely that these eaters show every now and then the benefits offered by their diet. In the realm of grains, wheat and corn have been given the best attention over years and decades. But maybe this year is the year of ancient grain’s popularity. Well-reputed and educated cooks and chefs in America are now starting to incorporate the likes of einkorn, buckwheat, rye and others into their dishes. For food lovers out there, these ancient grains make breads that are friendly to the heart and porridges that don’t make you guilty of your health.

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