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Relationship Between Marijuana And Opioid

All over the world, there are concerns in the cases of drug abuse and the effects it is making in the society. A number of drugs that are abused and more prevalent also contain medical benefits a factor that brings along challenges in control of the drugs. Among them is opioid and marijuana that modern research indicates they contain effective substances for management of a number of health problems. Heroin and opium are use in production of opioid and this is an ideal component in producing pain relieving drugs.

Use of marijuana has been legalized in a number of states for the purpose of recreation as well as health purposes. Opioid on the other hand remains among controlled substances owing to the fact that it contains heroin and this is considered to be hard drug. Despite being controlled, there are high cases of its abuse across most states. Abuse of the drug has been attributed to rising cases of deaths among the abusers.

Important substances contained in medical marijuana are among the applicable solutions that help reduce prevalence of deaths from opioid abuse. Crusaders use this platform as an option to help fight for legalization of the drug. Medical approach is the best choice in fighting abuse of opioid but he government has been treating this as a criminal offense and fighting it as a crime. If legalization of marijuana is one however, it would help in a great way to reduce the deaths related to abuse of opioid.

Colorado was the first state to legalize use of marijuana for recreational purposes. With this legalization, there was a great reduction in cases of death related to opioid abuse. Based on these findings, the use of marijuana and opioid gains its great relevance and the two are considered to be deeply interconnected. A platform to request states to legalize use f marijuana for medical purposes is based on this factor among others.

Concerns are raised on whether use of marijuana is safer considered against opioid. Both of these drugs are used in management of chronic pain. However, medical report indicates that patients prefer use of medical marijuana to opioids. Chances of abusing the available products from medical marijuana are also limited alongside the side effects. This is unlike opioid which is highly addictive and known to result in death in the event of an overdose.

There is a rising momentum in fighting for legalization of marijuana even in political circles. There are more states that are likely to accept and embrace the move to legalize use of marijuana for recreational purposes. If embraced, this will work to help the reduced the rising cases of deaths related to abuse of opioids and maybe the rate of abuse.